Our products

AMU Series

The most versatile series. The AMU modular platform can accommodate solar arrays, masts, batteries, generators in an almost infinite number of configurations – all in a very robust and easy to deploy form factor.

Folds in a Compact Form Factor for Easy Towing

LMU Series

Lighter than the AMU series, the LMU offers a wider solar array with ajustable angle. The LMU series is built on the same proven charging system as the AMU series.

NUMAD - with a telecom tower and a SuperWind 1250 wind turbine.

NUMAD Series

Numad Shelters are designed for rapid deployments in difficult environments. They can be remotely managed and controlled. The hybrid power source minimizes the need to transport fuel. Numad units can be configured using a combination of diesel, solar, wind and fuel cell power sources. 

Cell On Wheels shelter, with 50 ft mast

COW Series

The telecom series. The COW can accommodate a variety of telecom equipment such as BBU, RRU, cellular modem, antenna and more. It can be powered by shore power, batteries or generators – all in a very robust and easy to deploy form factor.

Custom hardware and mounting equipment

Our years of experience in design and manufacturing of products intended for uses in difficult environments allow us to understand your needs. Our expertise on the ground brings us to conceive with a judgment holding in account the realities to which the product will be exposed.

SuperWind 350

SuperWind WindTurbines

Small commercial rated turbines since 2004. Designed for remote and harsh conditions.