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Technical Specifications

AGM battery bank, Up to 18.36kWh
480W of Solar Panels
Superwind 350W Wind Turbine
Puncture proof tires filled with polyurethane foam (Option)
Solid Mast (15 feet) or Optional Extendable Mast (25 feet)
Multi Color LED Stroboscope for Visual Status of the Trailer
All Cabling and Connectors Automotive Grade Compliant, UV Resistant and - 40°C to 70°C
Built-in Low Voltage Disconnect
Modbus RS485 and Ethernet Network Interfaces
Status Accessible Through Web
Possibility to double the unit for more power
Total weight including 4 batteries : 2800 lbs
Height with mast down : 79.11'' (2 m)
Length : 195.26'' (4.9 m)
Width : 80'' (2 m)


AMU-800, with 25ft folding mast
AMU-800, deployment of the solar panels.
Double AMU-800.
Levelling outriggers
AMU-800, photo-radar system
AMU-800, LTE network system.