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Technical specifications

6kWh lithium-ion Battery Bank
280W of Solar Panels
350W Superwind Wind Turbine
15ft Rigid Mast
All Cabling and Connectors Automotive Grade Compliant, UV Resistant and - 40°C to 70°C
Built-in Low Voltage Disconnect
Modbus RS485 and Ethernet Network Interfaces
Height in transport mode : 42'' (1.1m)
Lenght : 138'' (3.5m)
Width : 52'' (1.3m)



The AMU-600 is an extremely lightweight unit designed to be towed by all-terrain vehicles or snowmobiles. Based on the successful AMU-800, the AMU-600 is smaller and lighter. It is powered by lithium Batteries and built of aluminum alloy. It is therefore perfect for quick deployments in situations when road access is not available, such as search and rescue, disaster management, military operations and more.

It can be hauled on long distances by all-terrain vehicles, or over short distances by two people.